Thank you!

Thank you to all who came out and made the pilot tournament a resounding success! Everyone is asking if there will be one next year. I'm working on it! Like and follow The Honeypass Facebook page for updates as things get worked out!

Quick Overview

Taking place on February 16, 2020 at The Sportsplex of Halfmoon, the Honeypass is a Valentines-timed couples' ultimate frisbee tournament where through “speed double-dating” rounds, each of the 24 couples gets to play on teams with at least 14 other couples, and even more unique opponent couples. That is followed by semi-finals and finals of the top couples, and of course- honey points are worth two points, and restaurant gift cards given out to winning couples (valued at $25-$75 for 7 unique couples).

Longer Overview

The Honeypass is a one-day ultimate frisbee tournament for frisbee couples and fris-"bae"s. Indoors, timed around Valentine’s Day, it starts with 14 fast speed dating rounds (each couple plays 7 of the 14) of four-on-four ultimate where each team is comprised of three couples, and the teams change every round so no couple plays with any other couple more than once. There are some occasions where two couples will face each other more than once or not at all, because math. A honey point is worth 2 points for the team, up to one per couple per game. They’re also worth an additional point to the couple for the tallying. Each couple also gets an additional point for each game they win. Rounds are 15 minutes, 14:30 of play. Home team wears white and starts the game with a pull from the office side of the fields. A 30-second half to swap pulls takes place when the clock gets down to 7:45. All the scores and honey points are tallied onto the website throughout the day where you will be able to see the couple standings as each update is entered.

After the speed rounds are done, the couples’ scores are tallied and the bottom 8 are done for the day, and the top 16 go to semi-finals. Four four-couple teams are made from the 16 couples that remain like this:

  • Finals Team 1: 1 8 9 16
  • Finals Team 2: 2 7 10 15
  • Finals Team 3: 3 6 11 14
  • Finals Team 4: 4 5 12 13

The top 4 couples will each get a $25 restaurant gift card, and then have the option to draft whoever they want for positions #8-#12 from the remaining 9 choices. So the top couple gets to pick their 2nd and 3rd, and the other three get to pick their third. The others for each team will be autofilled.

Team 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3 in regular semi-finals and finals fashion. Still 4 on 4 like in the speed rounds, but these games are 30 minutes long with a one-minute half (14:30 halves). Each couple from the winning team gets $50 restaurant gift cards.

You can see the schedule on the website. As couples sign up, they can see where and when they're playing. You can also see the Players/couples list that is updated with their rankings throughout the day.

There are more details / questions answered on the FAQs page.


As the tournament will be fast-paced with a dozen scores per hour and even more honey points that need to be logged, lost couples needing finding, we could definitely use a few volunteers to help throughout the day. Please contact if you'd like to help out. There will be tasty pizza and fun company for you through the day.


This tournament is being created and run by Dan Goodspeed, reachable at Insurance is being provided by Albany Ultimate.